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AXIS is a state-certified small business incubator powered by Francis Tuttle Technology Center located on the Danforth Campus in Edmond. A 3-year program provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to start and grow their ventures in a facility where they are surrounded by fellow business-minded individuals. Those in the program also enjoy economic incentives and have access to wrap-around services like training, business coaching, and connections to resources.

The Oklahoma Small Business Incubators Incentives Act enables tenants of a certified incubator facility to be exempt from state tax liability on income earned as a result of occupancy and participation in certified incubator programming. The exemption applies for up to ten years, commencing on the date of admission to the incubator program so long as the company remains in good standing and the credit continues to be approved by the State of Oklahoma Legislature.

Rate Table


Year 1

(.5 mkt+fee)

Year 2

(.75 mkt+fee)

Year 3

(1.25 mkt+fee)

Year 4

(1.25 mkt+fee)

Year 5

(1.5 mkt+fee)

Office (170 +/-sf)335/mo400/mo475/mo540/mo600/mo
Shop (580+/-sf)435/mo550/mo650/mo775/mo900/mo
Shop (1340+/-sf)735/mo1000/mo1275/mo1500/mo1800/mo
Shop (470+/-sf)380/mo475/mo575/mo680/mo775/mo


AXIS Incubator Application Checklist

  • Register and complete AXIS intake survey
  • Meet with AXIS to confirm eligibility for certified program
  • Provide business plan and pitch deck to AXIS staff for distribution to Selection Committee
  • Agree to have insurance in place within 30 days from occupancy date
  • Present to Selection Committee and accept outcome of approval process

AXIS Facility Site Plan

Download your own copy of the AXIS Rate Sheet and Checklist