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Client Success

Watkins-Conti Products

Allison Conti set out to solve a problem, even if it was something no one liked to talk about. Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) affects almost 500 million women globally. After conducting a full competitive analysis, Conti discovered there was no over the counter product to combat this common issue that is most often associated with exercise, coughing, laughing, sneezing, and pregnancy. So Watkins-Conti worked to develop Yoni.Fit, the first complete over the counter solution for SUI. In April of 2023, Yoni.Fit completed the clinical trial stage and it is now in the FDA regulatory filing process. The hard work, perseverance, and guided growth of Watkins-Conti has put it on track to enter the estimated $4 billion U.S. market for adult urincary incontinence.

Standards I.T.

Oklahoma-based Standards IT offers manage, professional and additional IT services in a way that puts the customer first. They produce project plans over three, six, or 12 months and generate analytics that show how a business can grow in its IT goals. Standards IT is vendor agnostic, meaning it is not tied to any specific hardware or software. This leaves it open to find the best possible solution for their customers.

LevelOps Energy

Founder Sid Helms wanted to bring data to oil and gas operations like never before. LevelOps came to AXIS just two months after launching and grew into a multi-state award-winning business. It outperformed its business plan, growing from three employees to 31 in the space of a year. It developed Master Service Agreements with several top companies in the industry, including Devon Energy. It also grew beyond oil and gas and contracted with the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma River Lock and Dam System.

Purse Power

Driving business toward women-owned and women-led businesses is one way to bring economic equality between the genders. That’s what the Babcock sisters had in mind when launching Purse Power. AXIS helped them create a business and growth plan for their company that directs consumers and business leaders to other businesses that are led by women. Their directory is now one of the largest of its kind in the world and they even provide a Google Chrome Extension that helps users easily identify companies online that are women-owned or women-led.

Profit Improvement

After he purchased a financial institution consulting company in 2009, Kelly Karns knew it needed to change its business model. Through some AXIS coaching, Karns made Profit Improvement a valuable asset to customers when it comes to managing third-party service providers. It now has software that helps customers track and document regulatory compliance and offers advice on maintaining data, negotiating contracts and facilitating planning for the third-party services customers use.

Dolce Vita IT Solutions

Stuart Griffing Jr. had a background in petroleum engineering but began offering IT services informally while he and his family resided in Italy. He offered IT consulting and services to dive shops and tour operators in Naples and the Amalfi Coast. He decided to move into IT full time when he returned to the U.S. and founded Dolce Vita, which is still an Anchor Client of AXIS. Now, Dolce Vita provides IT infrastructure management, managed services, and information security for small and medium-sized businesses.